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What is the advantage of your project in comparison with others?

The difference between our project and others is that we have a working strategy for earning money on sports betting. You do not need to study pseudo instructions, analyze the signal, you will receive ready-made signals according to a certain strategy, which come to you in the telegram messenger.


Why your products are not free for everyone?

Our developments are the results of many years of work by our team. We have spent days, weeks, months and years analyzing and processing a huge amount of information. All algorithms are exclusively author's, and we, without exaggeration, can safely call them unique. The spread of such algorithms to a wide audience leads to the fact that any strategy will lose its relevance, sooner or later. This happens because a lot of people begin to bet on games that are suitable for the strategy, squandering the odds so much that bets on it become unprofitable, because the bookmaker begins to adjust to it, regulating the movement of cash flows.


Will I need to monitor the messenger all day, waiting for signals?

We will expand our functionality and introduce more and more tools for making money, making this task as easy as possible and providing our users with all new tools for using. Each of our signals is suitable for a specific strategy and carries an advantage over the bookmaker. At the same time, at a distance, the aggregate of such signals carries the total profit for the strategy. Our strategies are strategies with a positive mathematical expectation, and this fact is undeniable. We perfectly understand that no one can catch all the bets because of their amusement. We give a tool for making money. No money comes easy and you have to take the time to bet and put in your best effort.


What guarantees do you provide?

We do not make any guarantees as we do not control the reaction of the bookmakers and the actions associated with your bets. Our guarantee is our reputation and the performance of our products over a distance. And we value our reputation and products like no one else.


Do you have pre-game predictions?

We do not deny the fact that there are excellent analysts who put before the match and achieve excellent results. But our bets are aimed exclusively at playing in live mode, because we believe that the edge over the bookmaker exists only in this mode.


I am new to sports betting and found your project, where to begin?

You can check out many video courses on the Neurobet YouTube channel, in the Neurobet telegram channel, on the Neurobet official website.


Do you have free products?

Yes, we have. Goal in the first half and corner kick strategy.


How do you confirm your bets? Why don't you verify them on Betonsucces?

We periodically send reports about our bets. All bets in the channel are numbered, so we cannot remove or add any bet without losing the numbering. The numbering of signals in the channel corresponds to the numbering of signals in the Excel table, the file with the report. There are a lot of scammers in the betting industry, but we do not do this, and you can see for yourself. Unfortunately, there is only one bookmaker in the Betonsucces verifier that verifies live bets. There are not enough events on her list to verify all our bets.


How can I pay for one of your strategies?

Our payment systems are quite convenient and are suitable for absolutely everyone. These are VISA, MASTERCARD, QIWI, PayPal, Yandex wallet cards. To pay, you need to contact @ DK1984 in the telegram channel or write in VK, indicate the payment system convenient for you. After payment, send a screenshot or a payment receipt. After a quick check, you will be invited to this or that software product. To automate the payment process, payment through the official Neurobet website will be implemented in the very near future.


What sports do you specialize in?

We specialize in almost all popular sports: football, tennis, hockey, table tennis. Other sports are also being developed. Among them are Handball, Basketball, Volleyball. We are wherever there is mathematics.


Do you cooperate with bookmakers?

No, we don’t cooperate with any bookmaker and we are not going to do this ever. Moreover, in our project you will never find a review or advertisement of any bookmaker. An exception may be a specific type of bets that are specific only to certain bookmakers. In this case, we cannot but indicate in which bookmaker you need to bet.


Some signals overlap in your products. Is it OK?

Yes, of course, this is possible, because all our bots process the same sport events and a certain game may be suitable for several of our algorithms. In this regard, the owners of several bots can see the same game in several signals. This should not be surprising, in any case, the "focus" of bets on the same sport event will differ (for example, one bot with one strategy sends a signal to the total, the other to the fulltime result).


I have a problem with Bookmaker “A”, they cut my limits / increased the timing of the bet / blocked my account / do not withdraw money to me.

We value and respect each of our subscribers, but, unfortunately, we cannot help you in any kind of issues related to withdrawing funds from a bookmaker. To create new accounts, we can advise specialists who, for a reasonable fee, can provide you with drops (accounts registered to another person).


Do you need my help? Do you need employees for your team?

We have an incredibly strong team of like-minded analysts, mathematicians and programmers. And it is quite difficult to strengthen such a team. But the Project is developing, and help in attracting an audience would be welcome. We are ready to cooperate with the owners of publics in social networks, channels in telegram, owners of YouTube channels, and popular pages on instagramm. Unfortunately, the field of sports analytics is perceived with horror and distrust by many people (due to the activities of scammers and dirty projects) and your personal example of making money on any of our products shown to your own audience would be an excellent advertisement for the project. Other users of our products can help the project by making their video review of the game on a specific development.

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