About us

Our clients are people from different cities, countries, different ages and social backgrounds. Neurobet is a whole social network that is growing every day, becoming more and more powerful, and the main engine of this growth is our clients who earn money with the help of our products. People who have been unable to beat the bookmaker for years, systematically losing their money, now earn money using our products and recommend them to their friends.

Наша команда

Before exploring the field of sports betting, he was engaged in a business in the construction industry. was educated as an engineer. Fluent in German. He played football at an amateur level, represented the football team of the Uritsk MO in St. Petersburg. In the field of sports betting for over 3 years. He went from being a simple player in bookmakers and on the stock exchange to founding his own YouTube channel and online service Neurobet, which helps a huge number of people to gain the upper hand in an unequal struggle against bookmakers.

Project Manager

One of the founders of the project, a person whose experience in sports betting reaches more than 5 years. He is a specialist in neural networks and machine learning, fluent in three programming languages and cloud computing technologies. “Higher physics and mathematics education and developed algorithmic thinking have revealed all the secrets of bookmaker quotes for me, now my life will never be the same. sports analytics and I are inseparable from each other.

Sports analyst, Mathematician, Programmer

Announcer, host of popular mass events from sunny Kazakhstan. Has been working as an announcer for over 11 years. Possesses design skills, is also a specialist in the field of video editing and processing.

Announcer, Designer, Video editing specialist